Making a Difference

Veterans Support Organization makes real and lasting differences in the lives of our nation’s veterans.

Since 2001, we have directly helped thousands of veterans through our employment and prior housing programs. Many veterans passing through our doors were taken out of hopeless situations and transformed into productive citizens.

VSO also has donated tens of thousands of dollars to leading veterans agencies like U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services Division to ensure their vital programs are properly financed. Our grants have uplifted veterans through initiatives like holiday gift drives and free musical performances.

Here are a few of our donations:

December 2011 --- In the spirit of the winter holiday season, VSO donated 3,600 gifts for veterans at local VA hospitals and veterans assisted-living facilities.

November 2011 --- the Broward (Florida) VA had insufficient seating for veterans and staff visiting the clinic during lunch hours. Veterans Support Organization co-sponsored building a patio that is now the focal point of the hospital.

October 2011 --- VSO donated $25,000 for the purchase of power scooters and power wheelchairs to the Hampton Virginia VA Hospital so injured veterans returning home from war zones can get around freely without assistance.

Memorial Day 2011 --- the Providence Rhode Island VA Hospital received a six-passenger gas golf cart from VSO so veterans unable to walk long distances would have transportation between the parking lot and the hospital facility.

March 2011 --- We donated $10,000 to Camp Trotter in Michigan, which primarily serves children of veterans from across our nation. These children hike, bike, do arts and crafts, and play softball and volleyball in summer programs aimed at encouraging learning about nature, the arts and science, and values like courage, self-reliance and patriotism.

Valentine Day 2011 --- VSO donated more than $12,000 for a free Valentines Day concert at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, Fla., starring Grammy Award winner BJ Thomas. More than 1,300 veterans and family members attended the show.

We believe that it’s an honor to serve our veterans. And so we strive to assist every veteran we can, from those stepping into our office to those needing assistance at many other veterans’ agencies.  Currently, our major focus is on providing jobs to veterans, and allowing them to build their self-confidence and self-esteem by being financially independent.

Let’s all do our share in helping these men and women.