Letter from CEO

We use the word “honor” in our mission statement in describing our services to disabled and indigent veterans. It’s no accident that we selected that word.

To us, it really is an honor to help uplift veterans who have struggled after giving so much of themselves and their families to serving our nation.

Our programs are designed for veterans to help themselves.

We have learned over time that simply giving money to needy veterans doesn’t get them very far. They quickly spend the cash, but aren’t helped in the big picture of turning their lives around.

Instead, Veterans Support Organization gives veterans jobs – real jobs – so they can find pride in themselves again and gain the confidence to return permanently to the workplace.

In addition, Veterans Support Organization contributes to various non-profit organizations, which provide services, products and/or assistance to veterans.

By approaching our work from the perspective that it’s an honor to serve veterans, we feel more empowered that we are making a lasting difference in the lives of hardworking and dedicated veterans who have fallen on hard times.

Please take the time to learn about us in the pages of this website and on our social media channels. By the time you finish reading and understanding what we do, we hope you too will see the honor in serving our great veterans. Our nation’s veterans need all of us. Let’s honor them by volunteering with local VAs, donating to nonprofit groups like ours, and becoming more educated about their struggles.


Richard VanHouten
CEO, Veterans Support Organization