What Veterans Say About VSO

I recently came across a website that lets the public evaluate the work of nonprofits.

On Greatnonprofits.org, I found many wonderful comments about Veterans Support Organization (VSO). They came from veterans who we have helped in rebuilding their lives. They also came from directors of other veterans’ organizations that we have assisted over the years.

Here are some of those comments:

“I am a 59 year old man who became unemployed last summer. I roamed around the country, living out of my '89 truck full of all my belongings, looking to find a job. I was down to my last $20 near Austin, Texas when I came across a VSO table set up outside a restaurant. The young lady working at the table gave me a card and assured me I could go to work for the VSO in Austin. I went by the next day and started working immediately with them. That night I moved into their house in Austin and have been working with them ever since. I am a veteran and, as far as I am concerned, the VSO are life-savers! Thank You VSO!!”

“VSO has been helping AVET Project military families in need for a few years now. When we have been in a bind, VSO has been there to help when no other veteran organizations could or would. Every request for support has been answered with a Big YES. Please show your support for VSO and Together we can help more.”

“The veterans support organization from my opinion is a great group. my father and I where living in his storage until my dad contacted this organization. the following monday we where in a hotel and two weeks later we had an apartment. i think if this what instantly helps vets get on there feet then im all for it.”

“I am a very proud donor & supporter of this awesome organization! I believe that I live a free life because of these past, present & future veterans. This organization does what it says and I know because my brother wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the VSO!! Just think-there is a war still going on and these guys & gals come back with all kinds of problems and they fix their problems but then there comes another issue- unemployed veterans. No one wants to hire these veterans that have fought for our freedom so they are stuck. The VSO gives them stableness & their dignity back. My brother is in their work program and back with his family because of the VSO. Keep up the awesome work!!”

These are very humbling statements. They speak to VSO’s core mission of helping veterans get off the streets and into the workforce. I’m proud of leading this organization as we continue assisting our great veterans get employment and transitional housing.

Richard VanHouten is founder and CEO of Veterans Support Organization. 

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