Unemployed Veterans. Are There Fewer of Them?

So are things starting to look up for unemployed veterans?

Yes, a little bit.

According to the Huffington Post article by Ted Daywalt, president of VetJobs: “The total number of unemployed veterans in February 2012 was 777,000. The total in February 2013 was 772,000, a decline of only 5,000 in a year. Of course, in January 2013 there were 844,000 unemployed veterans. So in the short and the long term the veteran unemployment rate is improving.”

He goes on to explain that not all veterans are hurting equally. Veterans who have had the most success finding work are those who have “totally separated from the military. If you are in the National Guard and to some extent in the Reserve, it is going to be very rough until the flawed call up policy is corrected.”

Read his article here.

Well, for us at Veterans Support Organization (VSO), we’re still hiring many unemployed veterans, many of whom are on the verge of being homeless. We’re finding them all over the country in areas served by our chapters.

It’s going to take a while for those unemployment figures to drop. But know this --- VSO will be around until then and afterward to continue helping our great veterans.

Richard VanHouten is the founder and CEO of Veterans Support Organization. 

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