Thanksgiving for Struggling Veterans

There are many special events during the holiday season for needy veterans, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

If you know a veteran who has nowhere to go for a nice Thanksgiving meal, here are a few options: 

Check with your local military base to see what’s planned for Thanksgiving. Many military branches prepare a big Thanksgiving Day feast on base.  Although it’s not free, it is usually very inexpensive compared to dining in a restaurant. If you have family or friends who you would like to invite, you can sign your guests in and enjoy the meal with them. 

According to recent military regulations, Thanksgiving is considered a “special meal” and open to retired military personnel and veterans.  It is up to the installation commander to authorize this benefit in the form of morale improvement, good community relations and facility efficiency.  Contact your local military base to get all the details.

Check your local media to see what community organizations are doing for veterans. Many churches, civic organizations, and community centers host free Thanksgiving meals, especially for veterans.

Unfortunately, there are many struggling veterans across our nation who won’t have a place to go for a Thanksgiving meal. Many of them are homeless or on the verge of homelessness, with no family or friends to support them.

And so, in the spirit of the holiday, I encourage you to open your home and invite a veteran to your Thanksgiving meal. Ask a veterans organization near your home to refer a veteran who could use a home cooked meal. You will warm that person’s heart for a long time.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Veterans Support Organization!

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