Thanking Our Veterans on Veterans Day and Every Day

Many of us who work with veterans will be reflected on Veterans Day about the devotion, service, and sacrifices of our nation’s 21 million veterans.

At Veterans Support Organization, it’s an honor helping unemployed veterans find work and get housing and assisting with worthy veterans causes

One of the biggest issues facing veterans today is finding work – which is so critical for their well-being and stability after returning to the civilian world. The number of unemployed veterans has fallen since 2011 from 945,000 to 806,000, according to federal statistics, but it’s still a big concern. We have a responsibility to help people who have risked their lives serving our nation.

I hope you join me in celebrating Veterans Day and truly thanking our great veterans for all their sacrifices. There are many activities happening across the nation, including events in your community. Whether or not you take part in any of the activities commemorating our service members, at least take a moment to appreciate the men and women in uniform who represent our country and protect our freedom. 

And if you have the ability, give a veteran a job or steer him or her to a job opportunity. 

Thank you to all of American’s veterans. We appreciate you on Veterans Day and every day of the year. 

Richard VanHouten is the founder and CEO of Veterans Support Organization. 

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