Finding Work After Military Service

Finding Work After Military Service

The employment market isn’t good for U.S. veterans. More than 850,000 veterans are unemployed, and more than a quarter of them are young veterans.

It’s particular bad for soldiers returning home from conflicts zones. Among some Army regiments, one in three soldiers are now unemployed or looking for work.

But there is some good news: Health care companies are hiring veterans, even those without any formal medical background, according to Stars and Stripes. In January alone, close to 30,000 veterans and military spouses were hired in the industry.

Part of the reason veterans are drawn to health care is because of the skills they developed in the military. For direct-care jobs, there is obvious overlap for military nurses and doctors. But opportunities also exist in hospitals and nursing homes for military logistics and supply management specialists.

Veterans also are finding work in the transportation industry. About one in 10 veterans employed today work for freight or transportation firms, close to double the rate of civilians, according to Stars and Stripes.

Plenty of companies need workers for track construction, logistical work, engine maintenance, and heavy-duty equipment operations — the kind of skills that mirror many military job specialties.

Private security is another industry that’s been good to veterans.

According to Stars and Stripes, former military personnel are three times more likely to work in those jobs than their civilian counterparts. Protective service jobs draw veterans because of the similarities to military responsibilities. With cutbacks in local law enforcement jobs, the private security sector has seen big growth in the past decade as many companies look to private contractors for security assistance.

Are there other bright spots in the economy for veterans? Do you know veterans who have recently found work?

Share your experiences below in comments. We welcome you to post job listings and tips for landing those jobs.

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