Donate To Veterans Today. They Need Our Help.

It’s that time of year when many people donate to charities.

Are you giving?

If so, consider supporting veterans’ causes. Many of our nation’s 22 million veterans are struggling these days and need help from all of us.  

Consider these eye-popping facts about veterans:

- Nearly 62,000 veterans are homeless, including many who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

- The suicide rate for veterans is three times the rate of civilians.

- Forty-six percent of veterans experience anxiety, while 45 percent suffer from PTSD and 28 percent live with depression.

- For post-9/11 veterans, the unemployment rate was 10 percent in November. 

Our government and other agencies are making a substantial effort to address these problems. But they can’t resolve them alone.

Nonprofits like Veterans Support Organization (VSO) need donations from the public, so we can create jobs, find housing, and support the VA system and many other worthy veterans’ organizations.

Donate to VSO here.  Or, donate to other veterans’ cause.

Just make sure you donate. Our veterans selflessly stepped up and helped our country. Now it’s our turn to help them.

Richard VanHouten is founder and CEO of Veterans Support Organization. 

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