10 Ways to Make Veterans Day More Meaningful

Although it’s important to thank our veterans everyday, we should all take the opportunity to do something extra special for our former service members on Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

There are many different ways to honor a veteran. Here are 10 ways you can show gratitude on Veterans Day:

1 - When you see a soldier or veteran eating at a restaurant, discretely tell the waiter or waitress that you’d like to pick up the tab for him or her.

2 - Ask the company that you work for to designate Veterans Day as an official company holiday.  

3 - If you own a business, offer a special Veterans Day discount.

4 - Send a “thank you” note.

5 - Visit a local retirement home and chat with some elderly veterans who will want to share their stories.

6 - Volunteer at a VA Hospital.

7 - Send a care package through Operation Gratitude.

8 - Send your leftover Halloween candy to soldiers.

9 - Donate your old wireless phone so that a care package will be sent to soldiers.

10 – Last, but not least, consider supporting veterans who are on the verge of being homeless, struggling to find employment, or trying to end substance abuse by donating to Veterans Support Organization (VSO). Your support will also help VSO donate more to veterans’ causes that need additional resources to keep their programs and initiatives operating.

Let’s all do our part to honor our nation’s wonderful veterans.

Richard VanHouten is the founder and CEO of Veterans Support Organization. 

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